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King LASIK in Portland is home to one of the finest vision correction teams in the Pacific Northwest. These top-notch eye care specialists, led by Dr. King, a renowned eye surgeon, perform an array of vision correction procedures, including no-stitch cataract surgery with the most sophisticated implant lenses, such as Crystalens and AcrySof ReSTOR. Through advanced methods, such as phacoemulsification, the eye surgeons at King LASIK have the ability to remove the natural lens without the use of sharp and often uncomfortable surgical tools.

The medical team of King LASIK also offers LASIK eye surgery. During the procedure, a leading-edge excimer laser is used to correct corneal flaws that are unique to each individual, thereby improving vision. After undergoing laser eye surgery, many satisfied LASIK Portland patients and those throughout the Pacific Northwest refer Dr. King and his team to their friends and family.

Many laser eye surgery patients who have been struggling with their sight most of their lives often select Dr. King over any other eye surgeon in the Pacific Northwest for their vision correction needs. Dr. King and his team have helped countless laser eye surgery Seattle patients as well as those in Tri-Cities, Vancouver, Victoria and Edmonton achieve optimal vision.

To learn more or to schedule a consultation with Dr. King, please contact King LASIK toll free at (877) 551-2020.

Dr. King has years of experience and has treated refractive surgery patients while on staff at several U.S. and Canada based eye care practices, including Restore Vision Centers, Renton, Washington.

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Recognizing the realities of LASIK costs and the shortcomings of medical insurance, Dr. King offers several affordable LASIK financing plans.


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